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Summarize a document online

  • 1 minute read  •  28 April 2022


Working with long documents for research can take a lot of time and energy. Does the effort required to read the source document thoroughly seem laborious? Information overload also means that you find it difficult to work a lot of information into your work. Plus, with so much to do already, you never really have time to read it all over again. That’s why you have Resoomer to make your life easier!

Import your document

  1. Go to Resoomer;
  2. Click on the import documents icon;
  3. Search for your document and import it on the site

Resoomer will extract the text from your document to generate a text summary.

Note: all documents imported on the site are automatically deleted by our system after extraction of the text.

Editing the generated summaries

If you want to richly edit the formatting of the generated summaries and benefit from a full range of text editing, you can download your summary in .doc format, then open it in your word processing software such as MS Word or OpenOffice which is free.

Which documents are compatible?

Whether it is an ebook, a course, an essay, or a digital book, importing and summarizing a document online on Resoomer is free and without cost. Currently, the files compatible with the import of documents are :

  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • DOCX
  • ODT
  • TXT

If you are unable to import your document or if it seems too heavy, you can copy your entire document and paste it into Resoomer. Resoomer does not have a character limit for importing documents. The generated summaries can be retrieved by simply copying and pasting or downloaded as PDF or DOC.

If you have PDF documents online, you can summarize them by copying and pasting the http URL on Resoomer. Make sure your document is accessible and does not require authentication to access it.

Resoomer puts all the controls at your fingertips

You can set the length of the summary you want, choose to do an analysis of the document for a quicker reading, or opt for an optimized summary on the topics you have selected. Resoomer can help you with anything that can make your life easier when working with documents. That’s why Resoomer is the preferred tool of professionals, writers, editors, journalists, students and even teachers!

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