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Summarize a text

  • 1 minute read  •  1 May 2022


Whether from your cell phone, your tablet, or your computer, to summarize a text online for free, go to Resoomer.com. The use is clear, simple, and accessible. A quick start, and no account authentication is required.

Two windows are available to you. One on the left to import your text, and one on the right that will display your summary text.

Step 1: Import your text

Regardless of the source language of your text and the number of words in it, you can import your text into Resoomer by simply copying and pasting. Our online text summarization tool is currently compatible in 66 languages.

You don’t have to do any configuration at this stage. Just copy and paste your text, and click on “Resoomer”. Resoomer will detect the source language of your text.

Step 2: It’s ready!

In a few seconds, Resoomer will display a summary of your original text by default with an automatic reduction size. To improve your reading, research or analysis work, Resoomer offers several text summarization solutions to reduce your document and simplify the information at your convenience:

  • Automatically;
  • Manually: to reduce to the essential with a precise percentage of reduction;
  • Optimized: to reduce the information in your text while keeping the topics that interest you;
  • Text analysis: our algorithms highlight key passages and help you navigate through the essential information. This allows you to read quickly and diagonally without losing information.

Step 3: Read or edit your summary

Now that you have set up or chosen the right reading solution for you, you can read the bulk of your text to complete your reading assignment.

Underneath your generated summary, you have options that will allow you to be efficient in your work. Such as translating, rewriting, or uploading the abstract.

By default, Resoomer generates text summaries by extraction and compression. Abstracts by abstraction (with sentences, not necessarily contained in the original), can be generated using the paraphrasing and rewriting tools available in the options under generated abstracts.

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