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10 Highly Effective Tips for Boosting Concentration At Work

  • 5 minutes of reading  •  2 October 2023


Do you ever find yourself in a situation where your project is due in a few hours, you have a lot of work pending, and you are sitting at your work desk all ready to work, but work is still ongoing? If so, then know that you are not alone. Whether it is a college assignment or an office project, we all can relate to this situation.

Most of the time, it is not a matter of motivation because you are motivated enough, and that’s why you showed up to work. Instead, it’s the lack of concentration. Even minor things, like the clock’s ticking sound, can be enough to get your mind off work.

In your workspace, the presence of mind is the most critical factor. If you are not concentrating well, you will miss any direction from your boss, and later, you can imagine the consequences. Not only you’ll have to put in extra work afterwards, but your reputation in your workspace will also be affected. To avoid all this hassle, stay focused and look for ways that help boost concentration.

Why Can’t I Focus?

This one question must have come into everyone’s mind because if you are motivated to do the work and know how you will do it, then why you can’t do it? Losing your focus can be due to many reasons. Look out for the distracting factors you might have in your daily routine which are a hindrance.

One of the main factors is needing more sleep. Less sleep automatically leads to brain fog, which breaks concentration. Make sure with enough sleep, you are also well-working yourself because there’s a limit to our working capacity.

Lastly, many people might think that food has nothing to do with concentration, but irregular meals are one of the biggest reasons why people can’t focus.

How To Boost Concentration At Work?

These days, as quickly as it has become to lose concentration, it is as easy to regain it. You can improve many external factors to boost your attention, and they aren’t even too hard. You have to be mindful of the things which are a hindrance in your work.

Here, I’ve discussed a few practical tips to boost concentration at work. All these tips are tried and tested, and they will work. So, without further ado, let’s discuss them.

Eliminate Distractions

In a workspace, you are constantly bombarded with new information from right, left, and centre, and even though it might not concern you, it is enough to distract you from your work. These days, even the ping of your phone notification has become the biggest distraction. No matter if you pick up your phone to see who it is from, the sound is enough to make you lose the train of your thoughts.

Try putting your phone to silent and closing the door to your workroom, then work. You will see a significant difference in the efficacy of work, and your concentration will be better than ever. People sometimes undermine this factor, but noise cancellation helps boost engagement like no other thing.

Other than that, if there are other things like TV or two people talking and many such small things which you think are a dictation for you, eliminate them immediately.

Organize Your Workspace

Only some have a separate office or study room, but you can maximize your space. If you have the same desk without your teammates, you can use noise-cancellation headphones to focus better.

Another significant thing that helps boost concentration is de-cluttering. The fewer the things on your desk, the better you will be able to focus. Keep all your items in drawers and cabinets, and your desk should have the maximum of a water bottle and an adjustable lamp with your work equipment. Lesser things to distract you will help you focus better.

Break Down Big Tasks

Another hassle in the way of better concentration is when you have more significant tasks to focus on; your brain can only process some at a time, hence poor concentration. An easy way to boost engagement in this situation is to break the more significant tasks into smaller ones.

When you have smaller tasks, you take one step at a time and are not overwhelmed by it. This way, you will know which tasks to work on first and what you can do later. After completing each minor job, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, which boosts concentration.

To make it more effective, you can even time the tasks. Set a timer of 20 minutes or 30 minutes for small things and try to do them within that time.

Adopt The Pomodoro Technique

This is the one thing I live by. I have been following it since I was in school. According to the Pomodoro technique, you have to manage your time for work and breaks in specific intervals. To explain it, work for 25 minutes, take a break for 5 minutes, and then after four such intervals, you will get a more extended break for 15 to 20 minutes.

You will only be able to know how effective this technique is once you test it for yourself. I completed my assignments in 4 hours, which usually took a whole day. As a student, the anticipation of a break kept me working on the task without any distractions.

I give you my work for it. Try it for yourself, and there’s no going back!

Set Realistic And Clear Goals

Write down what you want to do the next day, the night before. Writing it all down helps you organize your tasks better. You will know what to prioritize and work on and what things to put off later.

Sometimes we even overestimate ourselves and take up a lot of tasks for the day; it is also a reason that people can’t concentrate because their mind is always on the next one. A thumb rule to remember when setting your goals for the day is SMART goals. It implies that your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. If you keep all these five points in mind when setting goals, there will be no difficulty in getting those things done.

Keep Yourself Well Nourished

Eating at the right time and with well-nourished food can make a significant impact on how you work. Take supplements and nuts between work for a constant energy boost. Other than that, incorporate leafy vegetables like spinach, which improves brain responsiveness, protein, which keeps you full for longer and foods with moderate sugar levels, which provide enough energy to work. According to medical research, blueberries can boost concentration up to 5 hours after consumption.

Now, saying what to avoid, greasy foods and fizzy drinks are a big NO. These foods have varying sugar levels, which spike and constantly bring down energies, breaking your focus.

One more eating mistake that most people make is that they don’t eat at regular intervals. You have to ensure you have three proper meals during the day. It will keep you satiated for long. Having one big dinner also leads to bloating and promotes laziness, precisely what we don’t want. 

Don’t Forget to Meditate

From the minute we wake up to the second we are back in bed to sleep, there’s barely a moment when our brain is not thinking. To top that, we are not even thinking about one thing at a time, there are so many things going on in our minds simultaneously. How do you think your brain can concentrate at work in this situation?

The best way to boost concentration and make your mind relax is by meditation. You don’t have to go to a specific place to meditate. Pick a random quiet corner in your office, and from my experience, somewhere in the fresh air is the best place for yoga and meditation.

 In some workplaces, rooftops are the best places to meditate as people barely come there and are away from all the hustle and bustle.

Take 15 minutes off work, sit quietly, and breathe. Only think about some of what you have to do later that day or any other thing. Clearing your mind will instantly make it work better once you return to your task.

Take Regular Breaks

This point might counter my previous issues because I already said here that being distracted can break concentration, but here I’m talking about taking regular breaks. Let me explain it to you.

When our brain has been focusing on the same thing for too long, we can get stuck at one point and taking a break will boost concentration. When you will come back to that task again, you will see that refocusing will give you instant stimulation and better concentration.

You don’t have to take long breaks. When you feel stuck, get up from your place, walk around, drink water or even talk to someone about anything else. These small activities are of great help in boosting concentration.

Keep Yourself Properly Hydrated

As much as we talk about how water helps keep our bodies clean and wash out toxins, you don’t know how much it impacts the brain. Proper hydration aids in improving the cognitive abilities of the brain.

You can test it for yourself. Don’t drink water for a few hours on a regular day, and then drink when you are working. You will see a clear and significant difference in your focus. After drinking water, you will feel that your brain has restarted.

In some cognitive lab tests, it is found that there is a significant difference between individuals who are dehydrated and those who are hydrated in the way they process information. Hydration helps in faster processing and better cognition.

Some people might find it challenging to get up and drink water occasionally. Just take a tumbler and fill it with water to make this easy. Keep drinking from it, and it will last you a long time. Another way to take your energy supplements is by mixing them in water. This will make the drinking more fun and keep you energized and hydrated.

Prioritize Your Sleep

No matter how much work you must do, only do it at the cost of keeping up your sleep schedule. You might think that sleeping a little late will help you get a lot of work done, but trust me, as soon as your internal clock hits your sleep time, your brain will stop working.

Having the right amount of sleep is crucial for your brain to focus and concentrate well. According to a theory of restorative sleep, having the proper hours of sleep helps our body repair and regain its strength, which has been depleted throughout the day. So it is better to sleep and then wake up early to get done with your pending work, and you will be surprised to see the difference it makes in your concentration span.


You can’t boost concentration in a day. It takes time and effort, so it is best to keep at it consistently. Your mind and body need time to adjust to something new, and you can’t give up on what you have been doing for so long just in a day; you can’t just shun out all the distractions or start eating healthy suddenly. So, if you are taking time, know that it is a part of the process and must stay consistent.

All these tips I have discussed above were tried by me and the people around me so that I can vouch for their effectiveness. Try one thing at a time, and they will quickly boost your concentration.

After this, you will see that you can do your tasks well and more efficiently. You will even have time to spare for yourself, which you usually don’t have.

Try them and let me know which of these best works for you, or if you have any other tips, we would love to know.

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