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The text summarizer

  • 2 minutes of reading  •  28 April 2022


Yes, it is difficult to read and understand long texts quickly, especially when they are part of research articles and history papers. But they must be interpreted no matter what. Why? Because you must be able to do the following:

  • Create meaningful conclusions from advanced reading.
  • Have an overview of the author’s ideas in order to develop your arguments.
  • Create synthetic texts.
  • Gather key information from a multitude of sources for personal or professional use.
  • Analyze and evaluate quickly.

And that’s where our text summarizer comes to the rescue!

What is an automatic summarization tool?

A summarization tool is a language processing tool powered by algorithms or artificial intelligence (AI) that converts long chunks of text into small, digestible pieces. It provides you with a text summary that will essentially be a much more concise version of the original document, highlighting all the main points and gist of the text. What would you prefer: a 1500 word long text or a 500 word automatic summary, providing all the essential information? It’s not hard to choose the latter, is it? In this case, adopting an automatic summary tool will be very useful.

How does a text summary tool work?

Summarization tools are powered by AI algorithms that analyze and interpret many factors to generate a concise, clear, and consistent text summary.

The first thing is the selection of the important points. To do this, it checks the keywords in your text or document.
Any key passages essential to understanding and deemed necessary by the program will be retained when condensing the text to a shorter version.

The second thing is the rejection of information that is not considered useful in the original text. The program can do this by eliminating some examples, unnecessary information, transitional phrases, details and redundant explanations.

Overall, a text summarizer works by indicating, retaining, deleting and replacing words.

Why is an automatic summarization tool necessary?

Automatic summarization tools are now very useful in this day and age where reading more and learning more have become a must. Here’s why there’s a pressing need for automated summaries:

  • Students in their colleges and universities have to go through bundles of academic papers and lectures, especially when writing research papers in their later years.
  • Professors need to scour several resources and books to extract useful information that they can include in their lessons.
  • Editors and writers must decipher the evidence and details of headline-making cases by hiding in the depths of reports and documents.
  • Book readers don’t have time to read a whole book in this fast-paced world. They want a quick method where the main points of the book are laid out in front of them, so they can move on to the next one to save time.
  • Professionals are short on time and need to summarize a lot of information from various sources quickly and efficiently.

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