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Argue and find arguments in a text

  • 2 minutes of reading  •  28 April 2022


When you are in a writing assignment that requires you to argue a text in order to support or refute a thesis, you will necessarily have to find ideas or sources of information that will support your point of view. This text search may seem more difficult if you have several pages to read to find the few small excerpts of text that relate to the topics you are interested in. It’s not easy to read pages and pages of long texts and then put them together in a concise way to develop an argument, is it?

Arguing articles is not an easy task! After all, if you use the art of demonstration in your final essay, you will need to bring “evidence” from a variety of sources to support your ideas.
Well, that’s where Resoomer’s text summarizer comes in to meet all your needs in searching and analyzing your documents to simplify the information to the minimum. You will certainly save more time by posting the topics that interest you to develop your arguments, than by reading your long text and thus wasting time with topics that do not interest you. It’s just a matter of strategy and method to be productive in this research stage for your writing.

The optimized summary for an easier synthesis

The optimized summary function gathers the passages of the source article related to the topic you are interested in.
When you use this function, the tool asks you for your preferred topic(s). Once the topic is provided, Resoomer finds all the related passages in your source document and gathers them for you. You can then simply use these passages to develop your arguments in a coherent text and then reach your conclusion.
You can also make the most of the optimized summary feature by using it as an advanced summary oriented to your topics. With this, you have a text condensation solution that optimizes your reading time and helps you to efficiently synthesize the topics you are working on.

Analysis to argue a text

You may also choose to simply perform a general analysis rather than a summary of your source document. In this case, the text analysis function will be extremely useful.
Instead of extracting information about your favorite topic from your source document, the text analysis feature will highlight any valuable information to argue your text.
These can be key facts and figures or general information essential to the summary of the article. Highlighted text is useful for browsing long articles without losing information.

A tool to help you find arguments in a text

If you need to find key ideas or passages in a multitude of documents to argue a text, Resoomer will be of great help. This work of searching for information in your documents to develop your arguments, synthesis, comments, or any other writing will be facilitated. Your search time to find key information can be significantly reduced with the optimized summary and text analysis summary as they can help you browse the information. This will be a very good way for you to improve your productivity in this argumentative stage of your work.

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