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Read more and faster documents

  • 2 minutes of reading  •  28 April 2022


The internet offers a world of information at your fingertips.
But do you really have the time to sift and sort through every word in an article to determine what’s important to you? The answer is probably no.
In the end, you’ll probably find yourself mindlessly scrolling through pages and pages of information without getting anything out of it, and rightly so.
That’s where Resoomer comes in, a text summarization tool that will change the way you browse information – forever.

Read quickly with Resoomer!

Resoomer is simple, focused on the user’s need, and mainly on two axes:

  • key information for a quick understanding of the text
  • the formal preservation of this information

It condenses mountains of information into digestible lengths while preserving all important information, facts and data.
Have a 1000 word article to read and only a few minutes to spare? Resoomer comes to your rescue.
It helps you read faster, learn more and get to the right information in your documents!
In addition, you have several condensation and extraction features to facilitate your reading, research, and analysis of text. Compatible with more than 66 languages, you won’t have to worry about language barriers.

Summarize manually or automatically

Resoomer is not only a summary tool, it gives you control over the text. This means that it also allows you to modify the summary. You can choose how the final summary looks by switching between the automatic summary or the manual summary.
The automatic summary function requires absolutely no intervention on your part. Just provide the source document and Resoomer will automatically summarize everything to an optimal percentage of the original part. In a way, this can be considered as the optimal length determined by Resoomer for the provided source content.
On the other hand, the manual summary function helps you to define a percentage for the final text. This is particularly useful in cases where you need to respect a specific word count. By giving yourself control over the summary, you can also tailor your reading material to suit your reading mood. But Resoomer goes even further!

Optimize information for faster reading

Resoomer optimizes the information you want to read, instead of just changing the length of the source content.
If you wish, you can edit your summary in Resoomer to pay special attention to certain content topics! This not only helps you read quickly, but also focuses your reading to learn more about your favorite topic within a long text.
With this simple optimization feature offered by Resoomer, you will be able to read and reread your documents by browsing only what interests you. This way you optimize your learning and improve your reading time.

Text analysis for faster reading

While it’s nice to have shorter text on the screen, sometimes you want a better reading context. This means that you don’t want to summarize the text, but you also don’t want to read it all. In this case, Resoomer makes it easy for you to fly over everything!
The text analysis tool helps you read less by reading more.
You don’t know how it works? Don’t be! Resoomer will analyze the source document you provide and highlight key segments and areas to read. You can simply browse through your article paying special attention to the highlighted text for quick understanding. It doesn’t get more practical than that!

Read, browse, edit, analyze

Take a walk through the world of knowledge and improve your reading game. Whether you are a student, teacher, researcher, business professional, or the average person who sends queries through the search engine, you can read effectively and efficiently with Resoomer!

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