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Become an accomplished writer with the help of ProWritingAid!

  • 3 minutes of reading  •  9 January 2023


Do you want to write like a pro? ProWritingAid has you covered!  This amazing AI writing assistant software is the best friend to improve writing skills for students, teachers, creative writers and more.  Besides offering handy features like grammar check and vocabulary enhancement tools, it also hosts live training events.

In this article, we’re going to highlight everything you need to know about this amazing writing tool, its handy features, and more. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What to know about ProWritingAid?

Getting a thoughtful, instant mind generating ideas is a blessing, but it’s useless if you don’t have the right skills to translate your thoughts and ideas into words. This lack of expertise is frustrating because your writing doesn’t seem to do your thoughts justice. Are you going through a similar situation? Try ProWritingAid!

With it, you can ideally represent your ideas in your writing with absolute confidence and believe that it will not go unnoticed. It also eliminates the need to waste time remembering all those crazy grammar rules because with ProWritingAid you can get over 3000 videos and explanations written by their experts.

How ProWritingAid supports your writing?

There are two ways to get help from this tool. Let’s take a look!

  • Hands-on Automated Suggestions – It generates personalized writing tips based on what you’re writing, its purpose, and your target audience.
  • Get Inspired by Professional Writers – ProWritingAid’s dedicated team includes NY Times #1 bestselling authors, leading college professors, leading industry professionals , and more. Their expert advice will help you improve your writing skills, whether writing an essay, thesis, fantasy epic, or cover story.
  • Works with Different Apps –  No need to copy-paste or run your written content on the ProWritingAid app, as the tool can work with different apps. These include  Google Docs, Word Document, Outlook and Gmail, applications used by workers, employees, etc., for more than 75% of their time.

What are the benefits of using ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid offers different benefits and features to people related to different fields. Here we have summarized them all relevant to domain categories.

A creative writer’s best friend

ProWritingAid can create a presentable, ready-to-publish manuscript from a raw draft. It helps you save time and money by eliminating surface errors such as punctuation errors, sloppy typos, and grammar issues with a quick scan.

You can keep your readers hooked by analyzing improved pacing and sensory reports. On top of all that, this tool makes it quite easy to spot minor errors that could be corrected while editing. Once spotted, you can refine your phrases to refine your content.

An essential tool for industrial workers

No matter what industry you work in, ProWritingAid will offer you precise fixes to turn your document into a professional read. These fixes include jargon reductions, detailed readability goals, clarity suggestions, tone detection, and more. It allows employees to customize their writing experience with snippets, custom rules, and alerts tailored to your industry requirements.

We all know that when you are working as an industrial worker, it seems much more frustrating to spend hours editing content to make it error free. If this is the case with you too, ProWritingAid has you covered.

Game changer for students

This is a game changer for students; with it, they can perfect everything from thesis to journals and more. It’s a kind of frontline defense before submission, and it’s an ultimate AI-powered grammar checker with which you can identify every easy-to-miss mistake.

There is no doubt that writing academic content and maintaining its balance between readability and credibility can be tricky. However, ProWriting Aid’s informal language alerts, analytical language goals, and powerful verb suggestions made this goal easily achievable.

AI-powered teaching assistant

ProWritingAid supports teachers, allowing them to share all their material with students and parents with confidence. Whether it’s student handouts, draft emails for parents, or business correspondence, you can make sure everything is error-free, concise, and clear.

It also allows them to spot their student’s weak points and get a detailed description of the suggestions. These details will surely prove useful in improving their writing skills.

Confidence Building for Non-Indigenous Writers

Finally, non-native English speakers can also write like native English speakers using one of the best AI writing tools, namely ProWritingAid. Although writing English is much more difficult than speaking English, with this online course you can write like a pro.

It gives readability suggestions and flags the use of the passive voice to help you get more eyes on your work and write better. Go through the details of the suggestions to understand where you went wrong and how you can improve it.

Three Steps to Good Writing with ProWritingAid

Follow these three steps and write like a pro with the one and only ProWritingAid!

Step 1: Register

The very first step to start your journey with ProWritngAid is to sign up. It won’t take more than 30 seconds and doesn’t require your credit card details.

Step 2: Improve your writing

Review the suggestions generated by this AI tool to make your content clear and error-free.

Step 3: Share your work

Be confident about the excellence of your work and press the send button with confidence.

What you must remember

It was all about how ProWritingAid can improve your writing skills. Understanding and analyzing the various suggestions and their details will help you improve your writing skills and become a pro without even learning the hard-to-understand grammar rules. It is best called a shorthand to make your content more clear and show-worthy.

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