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AI-Powered Education Platform: Learnt.ai – Generate Lesson Plans, Activities, & More

  • 4 minutes of reading  •  22 March 2024


As a teacher, finding time for creating engaging lesson plans can be exhausting. Learnt.ai is here to revolutionize the way you prepare your educational material. This AI-powered platform promises to streamline your workflow by quickly generating tailored lesson content and activities.

Dive in to discover how teaching just got smarter!

How Learnt. ai Works

Learnt.ai operates by providing interactive e-learning tasks, AI-generated lesson plans, customized icebreakers and activities, as well as training content to engage students and save time for educators.

With its user-friendly interface and AI-powered features, Learnt.ai promotes critical thinking and can be customized for every grade level.

Interactive E-learning Tasks

Imagine your students diving into interactive E-learning tasks that not only grip their attention but also make complex concepts stick. Learnt.ai empowers you to create these immersive learning experiences with a click of a button.

You type in what you’re teaching, and voila! The platform crafts activities tailored to engage your learners actively. Whether it’s solving puzzles, engaging in quizzes, or participating in simulations, these AI-assisted tasks are designed to keep students on the edge of their seats while they learn.

Harness this cutting-edge technology to differentiate instruction and meet each student’s unique needs. With personalized tasks generated by artificial intelligence, every learner in your classroom can tackle challenges suited just for them.

Watch as they develop critical thinking skills through problem-solving scenarios created by Learnt.ai’s smart algorithms. No two lessons will be the same; variety keeps things interesting and caters to diverse learning styles – all without adding hours of preparation time to your busy schedule.

AI-generated Lesson Plans

Unlock a world of possibilities with AI-generated lesson plans from Learnt.ai. These dynamic, tailored plans take the heavy lifting out of your preparation process. Enter your prompt, select your tool, and watch as the platform serves up ready-to-use educational content that’s just right for your classroom needs.

Each plan is rich with activities designed to engage students, making it easier than ever to deliver lessons that resonate and stick.

Harness the power of Learnt.ai to create assessment questions that challenge young minds or ice breakers that warm up any room. This breakthrough in lesson-planning technology not only streamlines your workflow but also injects a fresh dose of innovation into each teaching day.

Embrace this artificial intelligence-driven advantage and give yourself more time to focus on what you do best—inspiring students.

Customized Icebreakers and Activities

Learnt.ai completely changes the game when it comes to kicking off your classes with a bang. Picture this: you walk into the classroom, ready to dive into the day’s lesson, and instead of the usual routine, you’ve got these incredible, tailor-made icebreakers waiting for you. 

They’re not just any icebreakers; they’re designed specifically for your group, ensuring that everyone’s engaged and pumped up right from the start. 

These activities aren’t just about breaking the ice; they’re about breaking down barriers between students, boosting energy levels instantly, and sparking critical thinking right from the get-go. Plus, the best part? They seamlessly fit into any subject you’re teaching, reflecting the diverse cultural backgrounds of your students and making everyone feel included and valued. 

With Learnt.ai, starting your classes on a high note has never been easier or more effective.

Training Content

Create impactful, AI-generated training content with Learnt.ai to enhance your teaching strategies. The platform’s artificial intelligence swiftly generates customized lesson plans and engaging activities, tailored to meet the needs of every grade level.

Education professionals can access a wide range of training materials in seconds, including interactive e-learning tasks and group activities designed to keep students engaged and motivated throughout the learning process.

Learnt.ai streamlines the creation of training content by automating the development of learning objectives, assessment questions, and other educational resources. This approach not only saves time for educators but also provides them with valuable tools to deliver effective lessons that promote critical thinking and personalization.

Benefits of Using Learnt. ai

Learnt.ai saves time for educators by generating customized lesson plans and training content. It engages students with interactive activities, promotes critical thinking, and can be tailored to every grade level.

  1. Saves Time for Educators

Learnt.ai saves educators valuable time by automating the creation of high-quality lesson plans, learning objectives, and assessment questions. With the click of a button, artificial intelligence generates content such as homework tasks and icebreakers in just seconds.

Education professionals can now streamline their workflows with AI-generated resources ready to be used in educational projects. This efficient approach allows educators to focus more on teaching and engaging with students rather than spending countless hours on manual lesson planning.

  1. Engages Students with Interactive Content

Learnt.ai engages students with captivating interactive content generated by artificial intelligence. The platform utilizes AI to craft customized lesson plans, engaging activities, and thought-provoking tasks that cater to different learning styles and grade levels.

By providing interactive e-learning experiences, Learnt.ai enhances student engagement, promotes critical thinking, and supports educators in delivering dynamic and personalized educational content.

Educators can leverage Learnt.ai’s AI-generated resources to create a stimulating learning environment where students actively participate in their education. The platform streamlines the process of developing interactive educational materials, saving time for teachers while fostering an enriching and immersive learning experience for students.

  1. Promotes Critical Thinking

Encouraging students to think critically, Learnt.ai provides interactive tasks that prompt them to analyze, evaluate, and solve problems. These activities challenge students to apply their knowledge and reasoning skills, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

By engaging in thought-provoking content tailored by AI, learners are immersed in an environment that stimulates their cognitive abilities.

Learnt.ai’s customized icebreakers and activities ignite curiosity and encourage students to approach topics from different perspectives. This fosters an environment for open-mindedness and exploration, nurturing the development of analytical thinking skills crucial for success in both academic pursuits and real-world challenges.

  1. Customizable for Every Grade

Learnt.ai offers customizable content suitable for all grade levels, ensuring that educators can easily access and utilize AI-generated resources tailored to their specific teaching needs.

The platform’s adaptability makes it a valuable tool for diverse educational environments, allowing seamless integration into various curricula while catering to the unique requirements of each grade level.

By providing personalized content across different grades, Learnt.ai supports educators in delivering effective and targeted instruction that meets the learning objectives of their students.

How to Get Started with Learnt.ai

To get started with Learnt.ai and harness the power of AI for educational purposes, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Select a Tool

Begin by selecting the tool that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking to write lesson plans, set homework tasks, generate icebreakers, create assessment questions, or any other educational content, Learnt.ai offers a variety of tools to assist you in your tasks.

Step 2: Enter Your Prompt

Once you’ve chosen your desired tool, provide a prompt that clearly outlines what you’re looking for. Keep it simple and straightforward; the AI tool relies on your prompt to understand the context and generate relevant content. Don’t overthink it—just clearly express your requirements.

Step 3: Click Generate

After entering your prompt, simply click the “Generate” button and let the AI work its magic. In just a few seconds, you’ll have AI-generated content ready for you to use. It’s as easy as that! Copy and paste the generated content into your lesson plans, presentations, or any other educational projects you’re working on.

Affordable Pricing Plans Tailored for Education Professionals

Learnt.ai offers convenient pricing plans to suit the needs of all education professionals. Their pricing options include a Free Plan with access to 10 popular tools, a $7/month Essentials Plan granting access to over 50 AI tools along with customer support, and a $79/month Professional Plan designed for educationalists, freelancers, and businesses, featuring a team of 20 AI sidekicks, access to 50+ AI tools, Development Sandbox access, and dedicated customer support. With transparent pricing and no credit card required for the Free Plan, getting started with AI-powered educational content creation has never been easier. 


Revolutionize your lesson planning with Learnt.ai’s AI-powered platform. Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to effortlessly generate customized lesson plans and engaging activities.Say goodbye to hours spent crafting resources – Learnt.ai streamlines the process, saving you time while promoting critical thinking for every grade level. Embrace innovative education technology and experience the impact of personalized, efficient teaching practices with Learnt.ai by your side.

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