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How to Keep Your Work Docs Just One Click Away?

  • 4 minutes of reading  •  27 October 2023


Professionals often grapple with the challenge of efficiently managing and accessing a vast array of documents scattered across various platforms. A staggering 41% of employees, according to a survey, admit to spending more time searching for documents than actually using them. 

This not only disrupts productivity but also leads to a significant loss of valuable work hours. Born out of this prevalent challenge, Eesel emerged as the answer to this challenge, aiming to redefine how we interact with our digital workspace. 

Tracing its origins and understanding the pain points it seeks to address offers a fascinating insight into the evolution of workplace efficiency tools. In this article, we will delve deep into Eesel’s journey, its innovative solutions, and how it promises to transform the way we work with browser tabs and documents.

Get on the wagon and let’s explore Eesel!

Introducing Eesel: Your Number One Productivity Tool

Eesel is a free Chrome extension that provides a new tab for work. It allows users to find any document, create new ones, and follow their teammates’ projects, all from their new tab. 

Eesel filters the user’s browser history to show all the documents they need for work in one place, making them easy to access and fully searchable. 

It works with any app that the user opens in their browser, and it doesn’t compromise on privacy or require any setup or login. Eesel is highly recommended by users for its ability to quickly find and jump to documents, and for combining the idea of bookmarks and history into a highly intuitive and lightweight tool

Key Benefits of Using Eesel to Enhance Your Productivity

Here are the key benefits of using Eesel;

Self-organised Folders in Eesel

Eesel’s self-organized folders system revolutionizes the way professionals manage multiple projects or clients. By employing an intelligent algorithm, Eesel automatically categorizes and organizes work documents into distinct folders based on content, context, and frequency of use. This ensures that related files, whether for specific clients or varied projects, are grouped together for quick and easy access.

For those dealing with numerous clients or projects, this feature eliminates the tedious task of manually sifting through files. Instead, Eesel presents dedicated folders for each client or project theme, streamlining the workflow and reducing search times. As work dynamics change, the system adapts, re-prioritizing and re-categorizing files based on their current relevance.

A Feed of Work Docs in Eesel

Eesel introduces a dynamic “feed of work docs” feature, streamlining collaboration and ensuring team members are always on the same page. 

By allowing users to follow specific projects of interest, this feed automatically populates with pages and documents created or updated by teammates. This ensures that relevant and timely content is always at your fingertips, without the need for manual searches or constant check-ins.

The innovative feed eliminates the common workplace challenge of chasing updates or getting buried in endless Slack messages. Instead of sifting through countless notifications or asking colleagues for the latest versions of documents, all pertinent information is neatly organized and presented in a centralized feed. This not only enhances efficiency but also fosters a culture of transparency and proactive sharing within teams.

Skip Past the Spinners with Eesel

Eesel’s innovative feature provides a solution to one of the most common online frustrations: waiting for websites to load. Instead of being held hostage by slow-loading pages or cumbersome site navigation, users can now utilize Eesel’s shortcuts to access their desired content. By simply activating these shortcuts, you can instantly open Eesel from any page, allowing you to navigate through your work at an unprecedented pace, limited only by how fast you can type.

This feature doesn’t just offer speed; it prioritizes user privacy and efficiency. All processes are executed locally on the user’s device, ensuring data security and eliminating potential latency associated with server-based operations. This means that accessing your documents, files, or projects is not just faster, but also more secure.

Your Docs Finally Have a Home with Eesel

Navigating through a maze of links and bookmarks is a thing of the past with Eesel’s intuitive feature. Recognizing the challenges professionals face in locating essential documents amidst the clutter of their browser history, Eesel offers a dedicated space where all your work-related documents reside. By smartly filtering your browser history, Eesel isolates and displays only the documents pertinent to your work. This organized repository ensures that the files you need are no longer scattered or lost but are neatly compiled in one accessible location.

Beyond mere organization, Eesel enhances user experience by making the entire collection of documents fully searchable. Whether you’re looking for a specific file, a particular topic, or a keyword reference, a simple search within Eesel will quickly fetch the desired result. This eliminates the need to recall exact URLs or manually sift through extensive browser bookmarks.

Works with Any App: Eesel’s Versatility

Eesel’s adaptability shines through its ability to seamlessly integrate with virtually any application opened in a browser. Its design is not limited to the latest, trending platforms or widely-used applications. Instead, Eesel prides itself on its broad compatibility range. Whether you’re exploring a niche, avant-garde product that’s just hit the market or accessing a legacy company intranet constructed decades ago, Eesel ensures its functionalities remain consistent and effective.

This universal compatibility ensures users don’t face interruptions or inconsistencies in their workflow. Regardless of the platform’s age or popularity, Eesel offers a consistent user experience, making sure that all documents or pages accessed through the browser are efficiently catalogued and easily retrievable.

Your Data Stays with You: Eesel’s Commitment to Privacy

Eesel places a premium on user privacy and data security. Understanding the critical importance of safeguarding personal and professional data, Eesel ensures that the content of your pages remains strictly within your browser. Unlike many platforms that store user data on external servers, potentially exposing it to breaches or unauthorized access, Eesel operates differently. By design, it runs fully locally by default.

This local operation signifies that all functionalities, processes, and data retrievals happen directly on your device. There’s no transmission of data to external servers, no risk of third-party access, and no potential data leaks. The content you access, the documents you view, and the information you process remain solely on your browser, ensuring maximum privacy.

In essence, Eesel offers a secure environment where users can access and manage their documents with peace of mind. By prioritizing local operation and eliminating external data transmission, Eesel stands as a testament to genuine user-centric design, where privacy isn’t just a feature—it’s a promise.

No Setup Required with Eesel

With Eesel, simplicity is at the forefront. Recognizing the value of time and the desire for straightforward solutions, Eesel eliminates the often tedious setup process associated with many software applications. Users are spared from the hassle of creating accounts, remembering passwords, or linking various apps. The process is straightforward: simply install Eesel, and you’re all set to go.

This streamlined approach not only speeds up the onboarding process but also reduces potential barriers to entry. Users don’t have to worry about compatibility issues, integration challenges, or sharing sensitive login details. Eesel’s design ensures immediate usability upon installation.

ChatGPT Powers Your Company Knowledge with Eesel AI

Eesel AI integrates with ChatGPT to create a powerful knowledge oracle tailored for your company’s unique needs. With this fusion, you can effortlessly tap into your organization’s collective intelligence and get instant answers to any query. Gone are the days of sifting through endless documents or waiting for team responses. Simply pose a question, and the combined prowess of Eesel AI and ChatGPT will provide swift, accurate answers.

The versatility of this integration extends beyond individual queries. Eesel AI’s ChatGPT can be seamlessly incorporated into your company’s communication platforms. Whether you’re using Slack, Microsoft Teams, or want to enhance your website’s user experience with a responsive widget, this knowledge oracle is designed to fit right in. Empower your team and stakeholders with on-demand knowledge, making information access both efficient and interactive.

Download Eesel for Your Preferred Browser

Elevate your browsing experience with Eesel, designed for seamless compatibility across multiple platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge. Whether you’re a user of the widely-favored Chrome or prioritize privacy with Brave, Eesel integrates smoothly to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

Similarly, Firefox enthusiasts and Microsoft Edge users can equally benefit from Eesel’s streamlined document management features. No matter your browser choice, Eesel’s versatility ensures a flawless fit, providing a unified solution for all. Get access from the Eesel website.

The Bottom Line

The digital workspace landscape is ever-evolving, and tools like Eesel are at the forefront of this transformation. Addressing the pain points that professionals face daily, Eesel not only streamlines document management but also reshapes our interaction with digital platforms. 

As we’ve journeyed through its inception, solutions, and user experiences, it’s evident that Eesel is more than just a tool—it’s a catalyst for enhanced productivity and efficiency. As we look ahead, it’s exciting to envision a future where the challenges of today become relics of the past, thanks to innovations like Eesel. 

Embrace the change, and let’s step into a more organized and efficient digital future together.

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