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Discover Hidden Gems in Your Industry with This Innovative Research Engine

  • 4 minutes of reading  •  25 May 2023


In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Yet, with an overwhelming amount of information available across countless industries, finding the insights that truly matter can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Enter Golden, the groundbreaking research engine that is revolutionizing the way we access and explore knowledge.

According to recent studies, employees spend an average of 2.5 hours per day searching for information, leading to decreased productivity and missed opportunities. Moreover, the fragmented nature of available data often results in limited or biased perspectives, hindering critical thinking and stifling innovation.

In this blog, we will explore the myriad ways in which Golden is transforming industries across the globe. Let’s get started.

Introducing Golden: Modern Encyclopedia

Golden is a platform that maps human knowledge by using machine intelligence to create a self-constructing encyclopedia. It contains millions of connected topics and allows users to contribute, compare, and explore knowledge within a powerful wiki. 

Golden utilizes natural language processing techniques to extract information from various public and private sources, providing users with rich and canonical information on a wide range of topics and entities. 

It aims to equip the world with easily discoverable knowledge on over 10 billion topics, fostering advancements, innovation, and critical thinking.

Self-Constructing Encyclopedia: What You Need To Know

A self-constructing encyclopedia is an innovative concept that leverages machine intelligence and natural language processing to dynamically create and update a comprehensive repository of knowledge. 

Unlike traditional encyclopedias that rely on manual curation and periodic updates, a self-constructing encyclopedia continuously evolves and expands its knowledge base by analyzing vast amounts of data from diverse sources.

The origin of the self-constructing encyclopedia can be attributed to the advancements in artificial intelligence and the availability of large-scale datasets. These developments have enabled the creation of sophisticated algorithms that can extract, connect, and organize information from various public and private sources. By utilizing machine learning techniques, these algorithms can identify patterns, relationships, and insights within the data, contributing to the growth and interconnectedness of the encyclopedia’s knowledge graph.

The goal of a self-constructing encyclopedia, such as Golden, is to map human knowledge and make it easily accessible and discoverable. By harnessing the power of machine intelligence, these platforms strive to equip individuals, teams, and organizations with a vast array of information on numerous topics. 

The dynamic nature of a self-constructing encyclopedia ensures that it remains up-to-date and reflects the latest advancements and discoveries in various fields.

Benefits of Using Golden Encyclopedia

Golden offers a vast collection of interconnected topics and entities, allowing users to access a wide range of information in one place. It covers diverse subjects, industries, and domains, making it a valuable resource for research and exploration.

Golden’s natural language prompt enables users to make knowledge queries using everyday language. This user-friendly interface simplifies the search process, making it easier to find the information you’re looking for.

Golden also utilizes sophisticated natural language processing techniques and data mining to extract canonical information from various public and private sources. This ensures that the information provided is reliable, accurate, and up-to-date.

Golden facilitates collaborative research by allowing teams to discover, track, and organize knowledge collectively. It helps teams leverage their collective intelligence and stay aligned by providing a platform for sharing and discussing information.

Again users can set up alerts for specific topics they are tracking, ensuring they receive notifications about new relevant information. Additionally, Golden’s Data Request system allows users to automate research by requesting specific data points or deep information on entities.

Golden offers a powerful API that allows users to integrate its knowledge and insights into their own systems, such as CRMs and databases. This enables organizations to enrich their data and stay informed about new discoveries without manual data entry.

Golden is trusted by leading organizations and has received backing from top investors. Its commitment to compiling fragmented information and providing useful insights has gained recognition and support from innovators and industry experts.

The Golden Search Bar is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly and efficiently search for knowledge and information within the Golden platform. It serves as the gateway to the vast collection of interconnected topics and entities available on Golden, enabling users to explore and discover relevant insights with ease.

The Golden Search Bar is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Users can simply enter their query or topic of interest into the search bar, utilizing everyday language and natural language prompts. This eliminates the need for complex search syntax or specialized knowledge retrieval techniques, making it accessible to users of all backgrounds and expertise levels.

Behind the scenes, the Golden Search Bar leverages sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand and interpret user queries. It analyzes the input text, identifies key terms and concepts, and performs semantic analysis to generate accurate search results. This NLP-driven approach ensures that users receive relevant and comprehensive information related to their search query.

The search results provided by the Golden Search Bar are derived from Golden’s extensive knowledge graph and data mining efforts. The platform compiles fragmented information from a wide range of public and private sources, ensuring that the information presented is reliable, accurate, and up-to-date. By tapping into this vast network of interconnected knowledge, users can gain comprehensive insights into their topics of interest.

Unlocking The Possibilities of Golden API

The Golden API unlocks a world of possibilities for businesses and professionals, providing them with seamless access to Golden’s comprehensive knowledge graph. 

Here are some ways businesses and professionals can use the Golden API to improve their operations and careers:

Enriching CRM and Databases: By integrating the Golden API, businesses can automatically enrich their customer relationship management (CRM) systems and databases with up-to-date and relevant information. This ensures that sales, marketing, and customer service teams have access to accurate and comprehensive data, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide personalized experiences to their customers.

Streamlining Research and Market Intelligence: Professionals in various industries, such as finance, consulting, and market research, can leverage the Golden API to streamline their research processes. They can automate data gathering, extract insights, and stay updated on industry trends, competitors, and emerging technologies. This empowers them to make data-driven recommendations, identify new opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve.

Powering Analytics and Decision-Making: Businesses can integrate the Golden API into their analytics platforms and decision-making processes. By accessing Golden’s extensive knowledge graph, they can augment their internal data with external insights, industry benchmarks, and expert knowledge. This helps in generating deeper insights, validating hypotheses, and making informed strategic decisions.

Enhancing Product Development: The Golden API can be utilized by product development teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of a particular topic, industry, or technology. By leveraging Golden’s vast repository of information, teams can identify gaps in the market, evaluate potential partnerships or acquisitions, and stay informed about the latest advancements. This enables them to develop innovative products and services that meet market demands.

Supporting Legal and Compliance Efforts: Professionals in legal and compliance roles can leverage the Golden API to access canonical and verified information on various entities and topics. This helps them in conducting due diligence, verifying facts, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The API enables quick access to accurate information, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Driving Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs and startups can utilize the Golden API to conduct market research, validate business ideas, and identify potential investors or partners. By leveraging Golden’s knowledge graph, they can gather insights about their target markets, customer preferences, and competitive landscape. This facilitates informed decision-making, increases the likelihood of success, and accelerates innovation.

Pricing Packages for Golden

Golden offers a range of pricing plans designed to cater to different user needs. 

The Free Plan is ideal for individuals who are just getting started with Golden. It provides basic access to the platform’s features and allows users to explore the vast knowledge graph. This plan is available at no cost, making it a great option for personal research and exploration.

The Pro Plan is designed for individuals who want to supercharge their research. Priced at $24.17 per user/per month, this plan offers additional benefits and advanced features. With the Pro Plan, users can unlock enhanced search capabilities, advanced boolean searches, and access to precise industry tagging. It also includes the ability to save queries and receive alerts for saved queries.

The Enterprise Plan caters to organizations and teams that require features and support designed specifically for their needs. This plan offers custom pricing and includes additional benefits such as private organization control, organizational feed for teams, and permissions control. It also provides priority support, a dedicated customer success manager, and the ability to customize the organization’s subdomain.

Golden’s pricing plans are flexible, allowing users to choose the option that best aligns with their requirements. Whether you’re an individual researcher, a team, or an enterprise, Golden provides options


Golden is revolutionizing the way we access and utilize knowledge in the digital age. By harnessing the power of machine intelligence and natural language processing, Golden has created the world’s first self-constructing encyclopedia. Its comprehensive knowledge graph, collaborative features, and user-friendly interface empower individuals, teams, and organizations to explore and contribute to a vast collection of interconnected topics.

By leveraging Golden’s capabilities, individuals and organizations can unlock valuable insights, stay ahead of industry shifts, and uncover new opportunities. It has already gained recognition and trust from leading organizations and innovators across various industries.

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