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Do you have professional goals to achieve? Would you like to improve your skills and expand your knowledge? Strengthen your skills and develop your abilities with tips, tricks and methodologies to boost your online learning.

Padlet: our opinion on this collaborative work tool for teaching

For educators around the world, Padlet is an invaluable tool for bringing collaboration and creativity in the learning environment. This...
4 minutes of reading  •  10 January 2023

Coursera: our test of the e-learning platform

With rapid advances in technology and the growing presence of the internet, taking courses to develop your technical and professional...
4 minutes of reading  •  10 January 2023

Khan Academy Wiki: Everything you need to know about using it to boost learning

Khan Academy offers a range of educational resources that can help users save time and effort while gaining valuable knowledge...
4 minutes of reading  •  10 January 2023

Why is the learning experience with EdX so popular?

EdX is a global movement, a platform providing online learning courses to a plethora of learning enthusiasts . This is...
3 minutes of reading  •  8 January 2023