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Do you have professional goals to achieve? Would you like to improve your skills and expand your knowledge? Strengthen your skills and develop your abilities with tips, tricks and methodologies to boost your online learning.

MOOCs for Environmental Education: A Global Tool for the Planet

Ever heard of MOOCs? MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are essentially your favorite online courses but on steroids! They are...
4 minutes of reading  •  19 May 2024

Time Management for the Overwhelmed: Finding Balance and Serenity

Managing time is tough. It’s like juggling a dozen balls at once, trying not to let any of them drop....
4 minutes of reading  •  19 May 2024

Can Learning Vocabulary Really Be Fun? Try Knowji and Be Amazed!

Are you tired of memorizing vocabulary the old-fashioned way and finding it anything but fun? You’re not alone, and there’s...
4 minutes of reading  •  22 March 2024

Educational Tools: An educational tools centre for students and professionals

Are you a student looking to improve your learning, a teacher looking for ways to enhance your teaching methods or...
4 minutes of reading  •  11 January 2024

3 tips to boost your learning in 2023 and beyond!

Change is often difficult, but it can also create opportunities. As technology advances, so does the way we learn. From...
2 minutes of reading  •  5 March 2023

Check Out 10 Ultimate Google Classroom Hacks That Will Boost Your Productivity

As a teacher, you know how difficult it can be to stay organized and productive when teaching online. From managing...
4 minutes of reading  •  10 January 2023

Top 8 Tips for Effectively Managing and Using Schoology Groups

Schoology groups can be an incredibly powerful tool for facilitating collaborative learning in the virtual classroom. By creating a platform...
4 minutes of reading  •  10 January 2023

How to use Edpuzzle to create interactive lessons?

Edpuzzle is an interactive platform and online learning tool that is revolutionizing the way from which education is provided. By...
4 minutes of reading  •  10 January 2023