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Practical tips

With relevant and inspiring advice, find the right solutions to improve your work! Resoomer helps you develop your reading, learning and writing skills. Take the time to develop your strengths. Discover effective strategies for optimal productivity and efficiency at work.

The Power Of Productive Reading: Bridging The Gap Between Knowledge And Social Change

The art of reading has taken on new relevance in an age characterized by an extraordinary rush of information. While...
5 minutes of reading  •  30 September 2023

10 Good Reasons Why Dreaming Is Essential To the Success of A Project

Do you miss the days when you would sit and plan on how one day you will conquer the world...
5 minutes of reading  •  30 September 2023

Read Quickly, Read Faster

The art of speed reading is a necessity today. It’s not just about flipping pages faster; it’s a transformative skill...
5 minutes of reading  •  14 September 2023

Information tools : What are the right tools?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the constant flood of information can feel overwhelming. Whether you are a student, a manager,...
7 minutes of reading  •  14 September 2023

Memory Tools: Explore Techniques, Technologies, and Tips for an Improved Memory

In today’s fast-paced world, having a good memory is more important than ever. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or...
8 minutes of reading  •  9 September 2023

Reading AI: Artificial Intelligence As A Reading Assistant

Let’s face it: we’ve always wished for a personal reading assistant – someone who can make all our reading tasks...
5 minutes of reading  •  30 August 2023

The reading tool

Reading aids are valuable tools to help understand and retain information. They make it possible to sort and synthesize information...
5 minutes of reading  •  23 January 2023

From book to PDF, how to do it?

There are several methods to switch from book to PDF format. You can use a scanner, a document scanning application...
3 minutes of reading  •  2 January 2023