Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a summary and a synthesis ?

A summary is a small condensed text which purpose is to summarize a text's ideas and concepts without any modification or interpretation. It is not to be mistaken with a synthesis which purpose is to summarize a text's ideas to create a text interpretation.


What kind of texts can be used on Resoomer ?

Texts that are well-structured and well-detailed. Mainly :
• Articles
• Scientific texts
• History texts
• Analyses work of art
• Advance information sheets

Novels, narrative texts, plays dialogues or interviews are texts that can't be used.


How to manipulate my documents to use Resoomer ?

With the simple copy and paste function of your desktop, you can import your texts to use Resoomer.


Why can't I summarize a text ?

You can't summarize a text for the following reasons :
• Text is too short or summarized enough
• Text is poorly written or not well-structured
• Closing quotations marks are missing (»)
• text language other than English and French
• HTML code is poorly coded (if you summarize a web page with our browser extensions)


Why can't I choose the size of my summary ?

We prefer to provide you with a short and well-written text rather than a long text with many irrelevant words. Based on the kind of text you have, we adapt it with a relevant summary.


Upon what the algorithm is based to provide me with a relevant search result ?

To answer this question, we recommend you read this article that we wrote about.



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