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Get more concise, accurate, and high-quality summaries for your work! Our reading assistance interprets your documents and writes you a unique text.



Advanced summaries

Get much more accurate and qualitative summaries for your work.

Audible Summaries

Tired of reading long texts? Listen to your summaries (FR, EN, DE, IT, ES, ID, NL, PL, PT)

Youtube Summaries

Do you have courses or lectures on Youtube to summarize? Get multilingual summaries.

Summarize text from an image

Scan text from your paper documents and import them to get a summary.

Complete Download

Want to save time? Download all summary parts in DOC or PDF format with just one click.

Reading Assistant

Have questions about your documents? Our reading assistant answers your questions to facilitate your understanding.


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Audible library

Documents, books, or articles to study? Import them into your library, and listen to summaries from your reading assistant.

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All your documents are encrypted to preserve their confidentiality and protection. They are not used for external or commercial purposes.







Why using PRO?

Assisted summary

Benefit from a reading assistant to interpret your documents more quickly and speed up your work pace. No more limits to processing and studying your texts.

Quickly summarize your books

Got a book to read? Want to summarize it quickly? Import it and Resoomer will summarize each part of your book to give you a quick overview.

Assistant at your fingertips

Whether it's from your mobile or your workstation, access the information you need quickly without having to spend time reading long and complex texts.

Better productivity

Do you need to quickly interpret documents for your work? Need to read terms and conditions of sale? Or legal articles? Resoomer reads them for you and presents a clear and precise summary.

Expand Your Knowledge

Invest in yourself! Ebooks to read quickly for your personal or professional development? Our reading assistant summarizes each part of your documents.

Learn More, Easily and Quickly

Get a reading assistant that will be the best way for you to learn faster, emancipate your knowledge, while staying focused on the essential information.

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